Mediation is a way of resolving a dispute whereby the parties themselves reach an agreement with the assistance of a mediator. The mediator does not express an opinion. . The mediator is a facilitator helping the parties to arrive at a solution themselves during one or more meetings.

How does it work?

The parties that are in dispute and like to see whether they can resolve their dispute with the assistance of a mediator, contact the institute. The parties indicate the mediator’s desired area of competence. Then the institute will propose a number of candidates as mediator. The parties make their choice. The institute indicates the proceedings and the who, when, what. The agreements are laid down in a contract of settlement signed by all parties.

Lead time

A time planning is agreed in consultation with the mediator. The parties themselves are in control.


When a request to handle a matter is submitted, the submitter is liable to pay administrative costs. When the mediation starts, the submitter is liable to pay the costs of the arbitration court and the mediation costs. The costs are listed in the table. The amounts are exclusive of VAT.

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How does it work?

All our mediators are listed in the register of the MfN, the Netherlands Federation of Mediators. This register is managed and maintained by the SKM, the Netherlands Quality Foundation for Mediators [Stichting Kwaliteit Mediators]. The MfN register only lists qualified mediators who comply with the quality requirements of the SKM. Needless to say, these mediators are independent and impartial. Registered MfN mediators have received certified training in mediation and ensure that their knowledge and skills are kept current (life-long learning). In addition, the registered MfN mediators are bound to a fixed method. Communication preferably takes place via electronic means. This saves lots of time and money; most definitely in international disputes.
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Type of costs Financial interest Mediation
Administrative costs Any amount € 500
Arbitration court-related costs Any amount € 1.000
The mediator’s fee a. Up to € 1.000.000
b. €1.000.000 and more
a. Hourly rate € 250
Total max € 6.250
b. Hourly rate € 312
Total max € 7.800

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