Become a mediator / arbitrator at TAMI

To submit your application as a future mediator / arbitrator, you will have to:

  • Fill in the registration form containing the basic information;
  • Describe your fields of knowledge and experience according to the format requested by TAMI;
  • Enclose a detailed CV with photo and two letters of recommendation.

List of mediators / arbitrators
It is the main objective of the TAMI list of mediators and arbitrators to help parties in identifying potential mediators and arbitrators. The mediator or arbitrator must have relevant experience and expertise, knowledge of the sector, and a good understanding of the commercial background of the subject-matter of the dispute. There is a twofold objective as to the information to be provided for inclusion in the list of TAMI
mediators and arbitrators:

  • on the one hand to facilitate the evaluation by the selection committee in consideration of admittance, and
  • on the other hand to give the users of the list all information necessary to choose a mediator or arbitrator who has the expertise and experience needed for the particular dispute. The second aspect is very important as it is the very purpose of the TAMI list of mediators and arbitrators to help its users identifying a person suitably qualified to assist the parties as their mediator or to decide on their case.

Selection committee
The board of TAMI is the selection committee of TAMI

    I would like to enlist as


    A. Your personal information

    B. Your area of expertise, professional organisation (PO) and the year since when you practice the profession and are a member of a professional organisation

    Discipline has legal frameworkEducationExperienceCertificationPeer supervision/assessmentLifelong learningCode of conductDisciplinary law

    C. Specialist area(s) within your area of expertise and recognition thereof by the PO

    Recognised by the PO

    D. Technical study (studies) and the year the study (studies) was (were) attested by a diploma

    Automotive engineering technologyChemical technologyCivil engineeringComputer technologyElectrical EngineeringGeotechnicsGraphical techniqueInformation technologyInstallation technologyAviation technologyMeasuring and control technologyMetalworkProcess technology

    E. Other remarks and circumstances (potentially) relevant for the assessment of your application

    The undersigned declares that the above information indicated using this form and its appendices is accurate and complete.

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