About TAMI

TAMI is a foundation with the aim of preventing escalation of disputes at an early stage and offering an alternative for the ordinary courts of law. This institute has been founded at the request of businesses involved with technology, the municipality of Eindhoven, Brainport Development and lawyers acting for technology businesses.

TAMI  is an initiative of Brainport TechLaw, a knowledge centre and platform where technology and law come together. To run a business and to innovate also means disputes may arise. In this respect, one may, for instance, think of disputes with a partner, supplier or competitor. Sometimes it will be necessary to involve an external party to resolve the dispute. Bringing matters to court requires massive investment and a great deal of time. That is why the Brainport TechLaw association committed to the foundation of this institute for dispute resolution, on the basis of de-escalation, mediation and arbitration: an independent, impartial, competent, fast, cost-effective and confidential alternative to going to court.

The institute is completely separate from the Brainport TechLaw knowledge centre and has its own board and secretarial office.


The board consists of:
Chairman: Mr J. van Luyck
Secretary: Mr J. van der Wijst
Treasure mr. J.P.A. Bloemen

The original initiators

The municipality of Eindhoven
– mr. B. Brunninkhuis
– mr. G. Sluijter
– mr. S. van der Hijden

Philips IP&S en voorzitter van de Nederlandse Orde van Octrooigemachtigden
– ir. M. Schoenmaker

TU/e Recht en Techniek
– prof. dr. J. Smits

Tilburg University (Tilburg Institute of Law and Technology TILT)
– dr. M. Schellekens
– dr. A. Vedder

AOMB IP Consultants
– ir. P. Dorna

Louwers IP / Technology Advocaten
– mr. E.J. Louwers
– mevr. M. Korpershoek

Taylor Wessing Advocaten
– mr. W. Maas

Banning advocaten
– mevr. L. Ritzema

After the initiators and early board members sketched TAMI’s outlines, the daily management of Brainport TechLaw (Hans Bloemen – chairman, Jos van der Wijst – secretary, and Rens Adams – treasurer) set up a project group in 2018 to get TAMI of the ground.

Members of the project group 2018/2019:

  • mr. M. Goorts (Taylor Wessing Advocaten)
  • P.N.M. Konings PhD (Koningstrademark)
  • dr. M. Beckmann LLM (Adviesbureau Beckmann BV)
  • mr. W. Dammers (Lawfox Advocatuur BV)
  • D. Senders LL.B (afgestudeerd Juridische Hogeschool inz.TAMI)
  • mr. J. van der Wijst (Bogaerts & Groenen Advocaten)
  • I. Mathilda BBA (Secretariaat BrainportTechLaw, ECFG Finance & Growth BV)
  • mr. J.P.A Bloemen (ECFG Venture Capital BV)

The development and set-up of Brainport TechLaw were made possible by the members of BrainportTechLaw and the financial support (Stimuleringsfonds) of the  MetropoolRegioEindhoven

We are indebted to all those involved for their commitment and contribution.