Mediation Registration Form

To start the mediation, the Technology Arbitration & Mediation Institute (hereinafter ‘TAMI’) needs the following information of both parties. Please fill in the information referred to below.

As soon as the information of both parties is known, TAMI will send the parties a mediation agreement (see attachment). TAMI has a list of registered MfN mediators who specialise in business mediation and have an affinity with technology.

From this list, the parties either choose their mediator or TAMI makes a proposal. After the mediation agreement has been signed by both parties and the mediator, the mediation starts.

    a. Information party A:

    Where relevant, information representative claimant

    b. Information party B

    Where relevant, information representative defendant

    c. A short description of the dispute

    up to €. 1,000,000€ 1,000,000 en hoger

    d. Appointment of the mediators
    From the list of the mediator candidates prepared by TAMI, the parties either choose their mediator
    or TAMI makes a proposal.

    When the parties appoint a mediator themselves, please fill in the information below:

    Parties jointly appoint:

    A mediator should be impartial and independent. He or she may not have close personal or business
    relationships with one of the parties. He or she may not have any direct personal or commercial interest in the outcome of the case. At the same time, the mediator may not have expressed his or her
    opinion on the case to either party prior to his or her appointment.

    The mediator's qualifications:

    With regard to the mediator's qualifications:

    f. Place of mediation

    The parties determine the place of mediation, failing which TAMI will do so.
    With regard to the place of mediation:

    g. Language of the mediation

    With regard to the language of the mediation:

    h. Other particulars as regards the mediation procedure

    If the parties wish to communicate particular aspects TAMI needs to be aware of in the context of the mediation procedure, the parties may do so here.

    I accept the terms and conditions:

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