Arbitration Registration Form

Submitting a request for arbitration will start the arbitration proceedings at the Technology Arbitration & Mediation Institute (hereinafter: ‘TAMI’).

The arbitration procedure is governed by TAMI’s arbitration rules. The date and time of receipt of the request for arbitration by TAMI mark the start of the arbitration (article 5 paragraph 2). The party submitting the request for arbitration receives a confirmation of receipt of the request electronically.

The arbitration rules state that the request for arbitration must contain certain information (article 5 paragraph 2). TAMI needs this information to process the request.

    a. Information of the claimant

    Where relevant, information authorised representative claimant

    b. Information defendant

    Where relevant, information authorised representative defendant

    c. A short description of the dispute

    d. Arbitration agreement and any other agreements

    The understanding between the parties that their disputes shall be settled by arbitration according to
    TAMI’s rules of procedure must be apparent from an arbitration agreement (arbitration clause,
    arbitral compromise). Please enclose a copy of the relevant agreement(s) or any other documents
    with the request.

    e. General description of the claim and, if possible, a specification of the financial interests of
    each claim.

    f. The appointment of arbitrators

    TAMI’s rules of the procedure take the position that the parties themselves appoint the arbitrator.
    Where the parties have agreed on the appointment of three arbitrators, each party will appoint one
    arbitrator, and these two appointed arbitrators will appoint the third arbitrator, who will also be the
    president (of the arbitral tribunal).
    In appointing an arbitrator, the parties have the option of using suggestions of TAMI for arbitrator
    candidates. When the parties appoint the arbitrator(s) themselves, please fill in the information below:
    Claimant appoints /parties jointly appoint:

    Arbitrator 1

    Arbitrator 2


    An arbitrator should be impartial and independent. He or she may not have close personal or
    business relationships with one of the parties nor with the other arbitrators. He or she may not have
    any direct personal or commercial interest in the outcome of the case. At the same time, the
    arbitrator may not have expressed his or her opinion on the case to either party before his or her

    g. Number of arbitrators (Article 7(2)(i))

    There must be an odd number of arbitrators. If there is disagreement among the parties on the
    number of arbitrators, the TAMI administrator will determine the number to one or three, depending
    on the nature and the scope of the case. With regard to the number of arbitrators:

    h. Qualification of the arbitrator(s)

    With regard to the arbitrator's qualifications:

    i. Place of arbitration

    The parties determine the place of mediation, failing which the arbitral tribunal will do so.
    With regard to the place of arbitration:

    j. Language of the arbitration

    With regard to the language of the arbitration:

    (a) The parties have agreed that this will have to be the (either English or
    Dutch) language.

    Dutch (Nederlands)English (Engels)

    (b) The parties have not agreed on anything but the claimant prefers:
    (either English or Dutch) language.
    Dutch (Nederlands)English (Engels)

    I accept the terms and conditions

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