Frank de Groof

Founder and owner of EventBridge:

‘I focus on preventing problems. It is my approach to continue talking and indicating that what you is with the best of intentions and preferably in pursuit of a common objective. If that is credible, problems may be avoided.


In my opinion, accessibility is particularly important for the involvement of a third party to help resolve a dispute, or perhaps it is better to say, a disagreement. Accessibility also means low costs. Costs are shared in mediation, contrary to bearing the own lawyer’s fees. To me, a lawyer means seeking differences instead of finding agreements. I prefer not doing it the American way!


Obviously, you have to be sympathetic to seeking a party together. Trust is of the essence here. The parties must reach the same conclusion. I do note, however, that business mediation is not well-known, entrepreneurs often are not aware of its existence. When, in many cases, it is a very good solution.

Not public and time-efficient

Problems are kept a secret. Entrepreneurs are reluctant to talk about them. In this case, mediation also offers a solution, for the information is not publicly available. Having your own company means having a lot of things on your mind so you would like somebody to guide you. You would, in fact, prefer somebody to take over your problem, minimising the amount of time you would have to spend. Then you involve somebody credible and impartial, a neutral mediator. This institute also specialises in technique, which makes conversations much easier.’

About Frank

Frank worked as a sales engineer for some years, in the transport industry, among other things. He was also co-owner of a company in smoke and heat dissipation and ventilation systems.  In 2011 he founded EventBridge. With this innovative company, he facilitates mobile passenger bridges on festivals where traffic flow and safety are important.  Their design makes these mobile bridges less costly and very quick to erect.