Pierre Konings


“The Brainport region is an innovative hotspot for high-tech in the world. We are probably too down-to-earth to see it, but what happens here is the envy of the world. To keep the lead, a collaboration between companies is needed.”

Veel samenwerking betekent kans op conflicten. Als je elke keer naar de rechter moet bij een conflict, remt dat innovatie en dus de voorsprong. Een juridisch traject duurt lang en brengt allerlei risico’s met zich mee. Relaties tussen bedrijven moeten goed blijven, de samenwerking in de regio mag niet in elkaar storten! Conflicten moeten dus zo snel mogelijk en op een laagdrempelige manier worden opgelost. 

Betrouwbaar alternatief op de rechtbank

The thinking pattern often is: rush to court in case of a dispute. It is our vision, however, that this is not always in the company’s best interest and we, therefore, offer a fast and long-term alternative. The authorities also recognise the importance of a reliable alternative for court proceedings. That is why we have received a subsidy for the foundation of this institute.

We speak the language of technicians

We have experienced business mediators, specialists in the field of high-tech. When you speak the language of technicians, communications will be easier. A neutral and impartial mediator re-launches communications. Mediation is a voluntary and confidential process with a view to both parties signing a contract of settlement.

Ranging from high technical questions to contractual obligations

The dispute may concern a technology developed by two parties and the separation of the parties involved. Alternatively, for example, a dispute on failure to comply with contractual obligations. How to find a business solution acceptable to all parties. In such cases, mediation can be used.

Mediation: fast and two winners

Recently a survey has been conducted amongst Dutch companies on business mediation. This showed that entrepreneurs prefer mediation because it is so much faster. A mediation process can be concluded with 2 weeks instead of 2 years of litigation. The parties seek the solution of the business interests themselves, maintaining the relationship. The result being two winners and a long-term solution. Besides that, the costs are much lower than going to court.’

About Pierre

Pierre is married and lives in Geffen. He is a European Trademark Attorney and registered MfN mediator. In 2014 he started Konings Trademarks and specialised in Intellectual Property. He began his career as Trademark & Design Attorney at AkzoNobel. He worked in the pharmaceutical industry for Organon, Schering-Plough and at MSD as Global Legal Director Trademarks.